Which Software/Tool do you use for Video Conferencing?

Answer:  We use Zoom for our video conferencing. Why we narrowed down to zoom and how to use it is presented Here. For security and administrative reasons please don’t share the Zoom meeting link shared with you with anybody else.Requesting parents to end the sessions on their end for complete security reasons. We understand that laptops are of high value to all family members during such times.For a better experience Mobiles or Tablets can be connected to TVs via HDMI or other technologies. It does give a spacious feeling to children.

 Which Messenger Software do you use to communicate with us?

Answer: We use WhatsApp, create groups and Broadcast List to share information related to our sessions. Our teachers/instructors directly use these groups to communicate with parents and vice versa. We also are sharing informational educational articles, videos, ppts related to Holistic Health, Nutrition and Diet periodically. It will help us all to build a healthy All Round Body, Mind, Soul Integrated Children and Families.

Please save this number +91-7090709020 in your mobile to receive Broadcast messages from us. If you don’t save, the broadcast message won’t reach you. That’s how Whatsapp works.

 Any queries related to workshops, whom do I reach out to?

Answer: Any queries we are always there to help, For Queries related to Workshops, you can ask any of our instructors via Whatsapp group that we create.Any query/ info about props or anything needed for activities etc will be directly answered by respective instructors.


What kind of a Yoga Mat Should my Child Use?

Answer: Try and please use a yoga mat of good quality which doesn’t slip. If not available, can use mats of any material with a covering of a thick preferably cotton cloth. First, it gives stability and balance. And Second most importantly It also provides a sort of insulation between the human body and the ground. This prevents any loss of heat, charge or energy from the body to the ground and thereby provides a thermal-insulation.


Can I get a refund for the amount Paid?

Answer: No we don’t provide refunds. However we do provide one free trial class. Please read our Refund Policy for more details. 


I have come to know about these workshops and I love it, Can my child register with the already running batch On the Fly? Will I get a Discount on the sessions missed?

Answer: Yes your child can register with the already running batch and we will also provide discount to the sessions missed by your child on prorated basis. However the slot for registration is subject to availability. Please call/whatsapp +91-7090709020 or info@thehomecoming.org to get coupon codes to use for discounts during registrations.


I have booked sessions with selected Packages. Would someone give me a call to remind me about the session?

Answer: No you will not receive any call. We have Scheduled workshops at a given time. The Zoom meeting link will be shared with you. If there is change in the schedule of the current or upcoming batch we will notify you.


During the Live Session will the Instructor be able to see my child?

Answer: Yes, the trainer would be able to see your child during the session. You need to keep your video mode on so that our instructor can see your child and have an interactive workshop.


Would my child be able to see our participants and ask questions to instructors during the Live Sessions?

Answer: Yes It’s an Interactive Session. The instructor will give instructions as to when to mute and unmute audio feed. The host of the session also has the privilege for such actions to enhance the coordination and quality of our Sessions.


What happens if I forget and my child misses a session?

Answer: If you book a session and then miss it, the session will be counted as attended. Please make sure that your child attends classes once you book them.


For any other general Information/Queries whom do I contact?

Answer: You can call us or whatsapp us at +91-7090709020 or write to us at info@thehomecoming.org





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