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Welcome to “The Homecoming” Summer Camp! – First of its kind Holistic Programme for children in Mysore!

“The Homecoming” is an initiative to address the developing needs of children channelizing their energies to the fullest by means of holistic activities.

Our Objective at “The Homecoming” is to Develop “Whole Brain Child”. The brain is divided into two cerebral hemispheres. Each hemisphere appears to have a separate and quite different function. The right hemisphere is associated with the intuitive and spatial aspects of our being, while the left is associated with the analytical and linear capacities.

Here at this Unique Summer Camp, we have our activities sessions and workshops designed in a manner in which our objective is to develop the whole brain and body of the child by complete holistic measures. We do this by offering fun and relaxation workshops/sessions by means means of play and games, music and dance, art and craft, yoga and meditation and mindfulness, which better equips children to deal with real world challenges. We are one of the pioneers in giving back to mankind what mother nature has already in store for us.

Here are some of the outcomes you will easily notice in your child:
  • Aid social interaction
  • Encourage communication
  • Body Strength and Flexibility
  • Develop concentration
  • Logical and Creative thinking (cognitive ability)
  • Develop Inner Balance and Purity
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills
  • Develop language and communication
  • Mindfulness and Awareness
  • Work toward relationship building – developing social and group skills
  • Interest in the World and Self Awareness
  • Relationship Building
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Complex and Non Verbal Communication
  • Interpreting Emotional Ideas
  • Expressing Emotional Thinking
  • Breath Control
  • Channelizing manas shakti(mental energy) and prana shakti(the vital energy component)
  • Develop Imagination and Curiosity
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence.
We have limited seats!
Details of Summer Camp:
Venue: Treebo Trend Royal Inn STAR Hotel #435, K.R.S. Road, Metagalli, Ring Road Junction Mysore – 570 016.
Contact No for Registrations: 7975750797 & 7090709020
Time: 10am to 1pm.
Email Id: info@thehomecoming.org
Whatsapp And Phone Number:+91-7090709020
Website: www.thehomecoming.org
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